What is a marquee in HTML

In HTML, a marquee is an element used to create scrolling text or images horizontally or vertically across a web page. It was commonly used in the early days of the web to add animated elements to a webpage. The <marquee> tag has the following syntax:

            <marquee direction="direction" behavior="behavior" scrollamount="scrollamount">
                Content to scroll

Here's what each attribute does:

  • direction: Specifies the direction in which the content scrolls. It can be set to "left", "right", "up", or "down".
  • behavior : Specifies the behavior of the scrolling content. It can be set to "scroll", which continuously scrolls the content, or "alternate", which scrolls the content back and forth.
  • scrollamount : Specifies the speed of the scrolling content. Higher values make the content scroll faster.

For example, to create a marquee that scrolls text from right to left at a speed of 2 pixels per frame, you could use the following code:

            <marquee direction="left" behavior="scroll" scrollamount="2">
                This text will scroll from right to left.

It's important to note that the <marquee> tag is considered obsolete in HTML5 and may not be supported by all browsers. It's generally recommended to use CSS animations or JavaScript for similar effects instead

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