What is the difference between <strong>, <b> tags and <em>, <i> tags

The <strong> and <b> tags, as well as the <em> and <i> tags, are used to apply emphasis to text in HTML, but they have different semantic meanings and purposes.

<strong> vs. <b>:
  • <strong>: This tag is used to represent strong importance or seriousness in the content. It typically implies a stronger emphasis compared to other text.
  • <b>: Historically, it was used to make text bold without conveying any specific semantic meaning. However, in terms of HTML5, its semantic use is lessened in favor of <strong>. It's generally recommended to use <strong> when emphasis is semantically important.
  • Example:

                    <p><strong>This text is strongly emphasized.</strong></p>
                    <p><b>This text was traditionally bolded, but it doesn't imply strong importance in HTML5.</b></p>                

<em> vs. <i>:
  • <em>: This tag signifies emphasized text. It's used to indicate text that has stress or emphasis applied to it, often italicized by default in browsers.
  • <i>: Historically, <i> was used to italicize text without any specific semantic meaning. Similar to <b>, its semantic use has been de-emphasized in HTML5 in favor of <em>.
  • Example:

                    <p><em>This text is emphasized.</em></p>
                    <p><i>This text was traditionally italicized, but it doesn't imply emphasis in HTML5.</i></p>                

In summary, <strong> and <em> are preferred for conveying semantic emphasis or importance in HTML documents, while <b> and <i> are more presentational and don't inherently convey meaning, though they format text in bold or italics respectively.

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