Security Checks in Node Js

Security is the main part of an applications. Either it is web, mobile or any other type of application. Some developers & client takes it seriously. We must have security checks before our application goes live to thousands of app users. The security checks is required everywhere it's not depends on programming languages different programmings have different tools to secure our applications.

We can use lots of security check on Node Js for development and production environment. Security best practices for Node applications in production include :-

  1. Don’t use deprecated or vulnerable versions of Express
  2. Use TLS
  3. Use Helmet
  4. Use cookies securely
  5. Prevent brute-force attacks against authorization
  6. Ensure your dependencies are secure
  7. Avoid other known vulnerabilities
  8. Additional considerations
  9. Do not expose sensitive data to the client side
  10. Prevent Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF)
  11. Validate request & response data for every request.
  12. Prevent SQL Injection.


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